Personal Leadership & Community Health

Health Assessment and Planning for Individuals, Worksites and Communities

  • Provide direction and guidance to assist individuals, worksites and communities assess social, emotional, physical and mental health needs
  • Assist individuals, organizations and communities plan for and execute strategies for addressing needs mindfully

Social & Emotional Health Education and Promotion

  • Development and delivery of custom curricula to improve health knowledge, health attitudes, skills and behaviors
  • Delivery of targeted interventions at worksites and community settings
  • Provide leadership and oversight in the implementation of community and worksite “Practice Circles”™ to promote wellness and resilience

Community Mobilization

  • Leverage strategic planning expertise and data analysis with community action to improve health and well-being

Leadership & Capacity Building

  • Promote best-practices and apply the latest research in the fields of neuro-science, positive psychology, personal leadership and community health education to promote health and well-being
  • Report and share outcomes from local and national activities
  • Increase capacity and expertise by providing training and support for lay and professional health educators
  • Produce and publish the Healthy Community Journal™

Round River Services