Organizational & Business Development

Strategic Planning

  • Establish and facilitate a planning team
  • Design processes ranging from half-day retreats to year-long projects
  • Conduct interviews with board members, staff, and other stakeholders to establish the current organizational context highlighting themes, opportunities, challenges and emerging strategic priorities upon which to launch the process (Emerging Issues Document)
  • Review the Emerging Issues Document with the planning team to begin to clarify strategic priorities and to make informed decisions for next steps in the planning process
  • Implement a Listening Campaign that can include focus groups, stakeholder sessions, on-line and paper surveys, and community meetings (when needed)
  • Develop demographic targets and outreach strategies to engage participants that make the Listening Campaign credible
  • Challenge leadership and staff to consider Listening Campaign messages
  • Work with the planning team (and individual work teams where necessary) to develop vision, core values, mission, strategic goals, objectives, and metrics


Operational Planning and Resource Allocation

  • Establish and facilitate a staff planning team
  • Utilize the strategic plan to develop detailed actions, timelines, and responsible staff to deliver concrete results

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

  • Design meetings and retreats to accomplish specific goals
  • Produce reports that offer roadmaps for action


  • Work with management to develop projects based upon specific organizational needs and dynamics
  • Develop projects to assess staff configurations that are consistent with organizational priorities and staff capacities
  • Design processes ranging from half-day retreats to multi-year projects
  • Utilize best practices, personal and collective experience to build a unique organizational culture of team-centered excellence

Inclusion Initiatives

  • Work with management to develop projects based upon specific organizational needs and dynamics
  • Design and facilitate the development of a committee that is representative of every component of the organization
  • Engage the committee in an intensive exploration of the dynamics within the organization that present barriers to inclusion, a vision for a culture of inclusion, the components of a strategy to manifest that vision, and alignment with quality improvement initiatives
  • Develop and facilitate staff and management training
  • Design 360 Degree Evaluations based upon inclusion behaviors
  • Equip inclusion committees to be sustainable in their relevance and capacity to address strategic and operational priorities

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