Evaluation & Assessment

Answer Questions

  • Are we meeting our goals and objectives?
  • What information or data will help us make good decisions?
  • Where have we succeeded and why?
  • Where do we need to focus our resources?
  • What are the barriers to our success?

Tailor Tools & Techniques Measuring Success & Barriers

  • Assessment instruments
  • Surveys
  • Interview protocols
  • Focus-group protocols
  • Observation protocols
  • Document review

Develop An Evaluation Structure

  • Build internal capacity
  • Coach on collecting, analyzing, and reporting results

Work Collaboratively

  • Identify information needs of stakeholders
  • Tailor process and reports

Assist Communities, Collaboratives, & Coalitions

  • Design & implement evaluation tools that work in a dynamic system
  • Recognize unexpected and emerging information & opportunities
  • Utilize a developmental approach for collective impact

Round River Services