Community & Civic Engagement

Mobilizing Communities to Take Collective Action

Town Hall Meetings, Summits, Community Forums and Conversations

  • Design meetings to engage 20-1,000 people in various settings to set priorities and/or respond to proposed plans
  • Utilize technology to support meetings with larger numbers of participants

Meeting Design & Production

  • Develop and facilitate client content committees to clarify meeting outcomes, compile pertinent background information and establish a deliberative meeting process
  • Design participant, facilitator and floor team guides (when needed)
  • Recruit and train volunteer facilitators (when needed)
  • Provide electronic keypads and other technology to support the deliberative process (when needed)
  • Write and manage the program and technical script (when needed)
  • Provide a meeting report that captures participant demographics and issue polling according to demographic cross-tabs

Targeted Outreach

  • Set specific demographic targets and community-based strategies to enroll a participant mix that delivers a credible meeting with unbiased results

Coalition Building

  • Facilitate collaborative processes to achieve demonstrable results that supersede individual organizational potential

Leadership Capacity Building and Training

  • Assess, design, and tailor programs to produce results and create culture change

Focus Groups

  • Capture information pertinent to a planning process or market research


  • Design, deliver, and analyze electronic and paper-based instruments

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