Sue Lacy, Partner

Sue co-founded Round River Consulting over a decade ago with Katie Fry. Her ability to equip leaders, organizations, and communities with the capacity to take effective action on issues that most impact their lives has shaped the firm’s reputation for producing valuable results and more sustainable organizations.  She has worked with a wide range of leaders and organizations including public agencies, non-profit organizations, health systems, faith communities, businesses, public policy and elected officials, and community residents.  Prior to founding Round River Consulting, Sue directed a local development corporation, served as constituent services staff for a city councilman, directed a city-wide anti-racism initiative, founded a faith-based community organization and served on the senior staff of a national faith-based community organization as national training director. 

Notable accomplishments include leading a successful campaign to transform the governance structure of a major urban school system to improve performance and increase accountability to the community, engaging Katrina survivors and evacuees in shaping key policy decisions to rebuild their lives, managing a multi-county community health assessment that has provided community-based data to help shape new initiatives, and launching an award-winning community reading initiative. 

Sue has worked with executive level leadership, middle managers, and line staff to shape culture change initiatives, strategic planning and other organizational development projects.  She has been invited to facilitate processes to leverage strategic partnerships and resolve conflict. Sue has worked in communities throughout the country for 30 years to engage elected & public leadership, neighborhoods, faith communities and civic leaders in the development of strategies to address priority community issues.  She has organized hundreds of community-based planning processes, dozens of large scale meetings that bring community members and policy-makers together to inform decision-making and leadership training on the national level.

Our Methodology

Our name flows from the life work of Aldo Leopold (1887-1948), whose best -known works A Sand County Almanac and Round River, became keystones in emerging theories of environmental ethics and ecosystem management. We embrace Leopold’s wisdom as a compass for how relationships, organizations, partnerships and community evolve sustainably.

Excerpt from Round River (1938)
Modern natural history deals only incidentally with the identity of plants and animals, and only incidentally with their habits and behaviors. It deals principally with their relations to each other, their relation to the soil and water in which they grow, and their relations to the human beings who sing about 'my country' but see little or nothing of its inner workings. This new science of relationships is called ecology, but what we call it matters nothing. The question is, does the educated citizen know he is only a cog in an ecological mechanism? That if he will work with that mechanism his mental wealth and his material wealth can expand indefinitely? But that if he refuses to work with it, it will ultimately grind him to dust.