Katie Fry, M.Ed., Partner


As a professional educator Katie has taught in public schools, supervised student teachers, wrote curriculum for Kent State University and taught in Developmental Education and Upward Bound programs. Through her work as a medical trainer, Katie developed curriculum for community educators and a six-month training program for a medical staff. In the broader field of education, she served as Director of Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Akron. As Education Director for Mustard Seed Market, she created a cooking school and community wellness education program. Her educational research supported the development of an award-winning community collaborative called This City Reads!

She has conducted dozens of training programs for businesses, organizations and learning institutions designed to develop leadership, build capacity and maximize organizational potential. Her expertise and experience in planning and organizational development led to creating strategic plans for dozens of diverse organizations throughout Northeast Ohio. Her medical experience enabled her to co-manage a regional Community Health Needs Assessment commissioned by three health systems. As a Senior Associate with AmericaSpeaks, Katie has served in many capacities: National Outreach Co-Director for AmericaSpeaks: Our Budget, Our Economy; Site Manager for CaliforniaSpeaks; after Hurricane Katrina, Site Manager for Houston during the Unified New Orleans Planning Process: Community Congress II and III; Floor Manager for the 6,500 person meeting Equal Voices for America’s Families; and Facilitator Recruiter and Trainer for the 16-city meeting, Advancing the Future of Adults with Autism.

Katie’s background as a certified organic farmer enables her to view organizations and communities as living systems. Her interest in health, farming and holistic systems naturally leads to her management of RRC’s work with clients to design educational and community engagement programs to support healthy eating and farming initiatives (e.g. Growing Hope Food Summit 2011, 2013).  She currently serves on the Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron, Center for Community Health Improvement’s Advisory Board, Summit County Food Policy Steering Team, and Summit County Wellness Council.

Our Methodology

Our name flows from the life work of Aldo Leopold (1887-1948), whose best -known works A Sand County Almanac and Round River, became keystones in emerging theories of environmental ethics and ecosystem management. We embrace Leopold’s wisdom as a compass for how relationships, organizations, partnerships and community evolve sustainably.

Excerpt from Round River (1938)
Modern natural history deals only incidentally with the identity of plants and animals, and only incidentally with their habits and behaviors. It deals principally with their relations to each other, their relation to the soil and water in which they grow, and their relations to the human beings who sing about 'my country' but see little or nothing of its inner workings. This new science of relationships is called ecology, but what we call it matters nothing. The question is, does the educated citizen know he is only a cog in an ecological mechanism? That if he will work with that mechanism his mental wealth and his material wealth can expand indefinitely? But that if he refuses to work with it, it will ultimately grind him to dust.